Bush Block
Lot 577, 577 Lusitania Avenue, Basin View

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  • Lot 577, 577 Lusitania Avenue, Basin View

Suitable for camping only. No building or dwelling entitlement. Must be left as a bush block so you will not be able to put a shed or caravan on there permanently.
Zoned R5 - Large lot residential. To gain a building envelope you must have over 10,000m2 prior to being able to submit a D.A


Barbara Ferguson



Having been in sales in Nowra and Jervis Bay area for 10 years my knowledge of the area is broad. Not only do I love real estate as it started off as my hobby which turned into my fulltime place to go and be social. This is not work, as it is an enjoyment on a daily basis for me. This is why you should give me a call and see if I am able to assist you, as I have a different outlook on sales/rentals than most other agents. I do work for you as an agent and only you. If you feel that you nee...