How to choose the right Agent to sell your property


Any agent will tell you the solution is easy, choose them.

The important thing about selling your property is that it is not just a simple business deal, it is a management of a major investment. Dealing with the real estate agent is not just a business arrangement, it is a business relationship. Selling a home can be a complicated and stressful experience if the wrong decisions are made.

There are 3 areas most people will think of immediately when looking to sell a house:

1) Best Price
2) Time it takes to sell
3) The commission they are paying

If you have decided to sell one of the first things you should be looking at is the Agent you want to engage. You are putting a lot of trust in this individual to sell your most valuable asset. You want to know this individual is working for your best interests and working for you not the buyer.

How do you choose your agent?

1) Do your homework. Have a look around your area for houses similar to yours (be absolutely honest with your comparisons), checking out the prices and times they have been on the market. A house that has been on the market for a long time may highlight a couple of factors. A) It is overpriced. B) There is something wrong with it. C) It is suited to a smaller part of the market.

A house that sells quickly may have had the price just right.

The honest look at other houses, comparing them to yours, will give you a feel for what your house may be worth.

2) Do your research on the agents and agencies around. Check out reviews and feedback. When you check reviews you should reorganise them from worst to best (if they have bad ones), not only to see what the worst comments are but also to see how they have replied to them.
When you have chosen a few, attend some open homes they are conducting. Act like a buyer, don’t let the agent know you want to sell until you are ready. This will give you a feel for how they work, how they deal with potential buyers, and what knowledge they demonstrate.

3) Invite two to three agents that you liked to give you an appraisal. When an agent gives you a figure on what they think it is worth (Market Appraisal) it should be based on research on what is for sale and what has sold in your area that is similar to your property. They should be comparing apples to apples as they say.
Ask them how they market the property, what platforms they use, and how they intend to show your home.

4) Check the agent will answer their phone any day or night (within reason) and are timely in returning calls. Buyers are impatient and you want to make sure your agent is working hard and not missing any buyers out there. Even on a day off or after hours.

4) Above all the questions to ask yourself now. How did you feel about the agent?  Did you connect with the agent? Do you feel comfortable with the agent?
Remember you are going to be dealing with this agent with one of your most valuable possessions. You have to feel comfortable dealing with the people involved, feel like you can communicate freely, and all work together to help you move forward.

The best agent will work for you to assist in the process and work to minimise your stress while getting the best achievable result for you.