Ian Ferguson

Director/ Sales Agent

02 4443 6635
0428 642 454

In 2018, Ian, a highly accomplished carpenter, made a strategic decision to enter the real estate industry as an agent. This fusion of his carpentry expertise and real estate experience offers significant advantages to potential sellers like you. Wondering how? Well, when Ian evaluates your property, he not only brings insights derived from his carpentry background but also offers guidance on potential issues that may arise during the sales process, ensuring a seamless transaction.

Ian's professional capabilities aside, his personal attributes are truly remarkable. With a calming presence, he effortlessly engages in conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds. His ability to connect with others is unparalleled. Furthermore, Ian possesses extensive knowledge about properties and stays up-to-date with the latest market trends and predictions. His familiarity with the local area positions him as the ideal agent to discuss your specific property requirements.

Both sellers and buyers have found Ian's knowledge and willingness to provide advice, information, and assistance to be invaluable throughout the entire process. In summary, Ian's dual expertise as an award-winning carpenter and real estate agent, combined with his amiable personality and comprehensive knowledge, will undeniably bring you significant benefits as a potential seller. From offering valuable advice during the appraisal process to navigating any potential obstacles along the way, Ian is the perfect agent to guide you through your property selling journey.